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Circles Of Hell Set

Posted by xenith800 - November 18th, 2017

As a small extra, here are the descriptions of the 9 loops from the set, see if you can find a full story from them :) Some of the songs also share a melodic pattern or sound effect, that links them and the characters from the songs. Have fun! :)

1st Circle - Mourning Warlock

"He walked through the gate of Hope, on the south side of the First circles' castle, one hand covering his eyes, the other clutching a ragged, red haired, doll."

2nd Circle -  Storm Lilin
"Among the floating, wind scarred cliffs of the Second circle of hell, you notice a figure, darting out of the eye of the central storm. A thorough inspection leads you to believe there is something more sinister hiding behind the beautiful, playful smile of the succubus."

3rd Circle - Corpse Clay Construct
"It formed from the slush of blood, ice and tears beneath the very ground you stood upon, and reveled, shapeless, among the mud covered Third circle; until it noticed you."

4th Circle - Coveting Idols
"The steep and crowded hills of the Fourth circle are perpetually watched by hungry, towering idols. You may have something they want."

5th Circle - Orphaned Anathema
"The orphaned daughter of the brimstone witches has and always will be anathema, her Fifth circle home bringing an inferior existence to that of her mothers'."

6th Circle - Profane Evangelist
"From one of the Sixth circles' flaming tombs, accompanied by choirs of hollow voices, his once sacred robes tell a different, truer story now, written in ash."

7th Circle - Brimstone Witch
"As the witch temptingly dances like the flames surrounding her, you remind yourself this is the Seventh circle of hell, and not the Second, preparing for a violent confrontation, instead of a more charming one."

8th Circle - Marquess Of Mockery
"Leading a crowd of admiring illusions through the Eighth circle, he draws from anguish, and tries to twist and shift your memories and vision. Nothing is as good as it seems."

9th Circle - Root Of Betrayal
"Beneath the icy lake of the Ninth circle, they held on to the roots of a leafless, monstrously fleshy, frozen tree, growing to the top of the immense grotto. You notice one of the faces in the water, and recognize it as your last lost love. The tree notices you too."

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Dante's Inferno. Nice set of songs/boss fight loops :3